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You're It!Shared Wisdom for Successfully Leading Organizations From Both a Seasoned and a First-Time CEO

You’re It! is a mentorship in book form, the collected wisdom of Alan Broadbent and Franca Gucciardi, two experienced CEOs. This practical and accessible guide to leading an organization is everything you wanted to know about being a CEO but were afraid to ask.

Published by Zephyr Press | release: May 4, 2017

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A New City Agendaby John Sewell

While Canadians have quickly recognized the importance of healthy cities in their own lives and communities, governments have lagged far behind. In A New City Agenda, journalist and former mayor, John Sewell answers the question: What would a new deal for cities look like? He articulates a new vision for Canada’s largest urban regions and the implementation of required changes in social services, public education, settlement, health, housing, policing, land use and governance.

Published by Zephyr Press for Ideas that Matter | July 8, 2004 | 110 pages

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